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MP Translations works with an international network of translators and native speakers. These people are selected with care and deliver in substance and on time. The coordination and quality control of each assignment is in the hands of Monique Polman, founder and driving force behind MP Translations. She is the contact point for every job.

About Monique Polman

Monique has been working as a translator for over twenty years. Her mother tongue is Dutch but she also speaks English, Spanish and German and effortlessly switches between these languages.
"Switching between languages makes me feel like a world citizen, gives me a feeling of freedom. If language is not a barrier, boundaries dissolve. Great when we understand each other, even though we speak a different language and we’re from another culture."
Monique Polman
Monique often has long-running collaborations with the companies she works for. She can empathise with the specific needs of her clients. She works accurate, is service-minded and considers deadlines as sacred agreements.
“SIM has worked to their satisfaction with MP Translations for quite some time. As a global company we regularly need translations from Dutch or English into e.g. German, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Swedish. MP Translations always quickly adapts and is able to provide the required translations at short notice. Furthermore, the source text is scrutinised to avoid any misunderstandings in translating. The swift adaptability and quality of the translations ensure SIM that it has found a good partner for its various translation projects!”

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